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General Information
We make custom transformers and similar wire wound electrical parts. The markets we serve are primarily avionics, space, medical, military, and instrumentation. This diversification helps us avoid laying off trained people when there is a downturn in any segment of the economy. We are not a high volume shop. Our primary strength is our ability to make your engineering concepts into products and deliver reasonable quantities in relatively short periods of time. Our Phoenix facility is 9,600 square feet. When the volume justifies, and the Customer allows, we will wind in Taiwan.

Many of our Customers - we always capitalize that word - have been so happy with our services that they have 'adopted' us. We often have parts in their hands by, or before, the time we have quoted a firm price or even received a PO. Our rejects are counted in PPB - Parts Per Billion and our on-time delivery averages around 98%.

We presently have 3 engineers on our staff who frequently assist our Customers with their product development. We take a lot of pride in our 'small family atmosphere.'

Legal Structure: Founded 1979, Sub-S Corporation, no outstanding debt, WOMAN OWNED.

Address: Wirebenders Inc.
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